Below, you'll find a clickable list of things written by myself and others. Some of the things you may discover there will be funny, though others serious - all at least in some way informative.

  1. the baccyflap page
  2. my great-grandfather's wartime letter
  3. all crimps from the mighty boosh
  4. clay's money origami
  5. cassette deck repair tips
  6. preserving natural objects and materials
  7. the museum of old calculators
  8. a device for trapping small animals
  9. find the golden comma
  10. "digitising" game boy camera photos
  11. handy linux commands
  12. surfraw elvi
  13. a letter to the people of the internet
  14. tobacco pipe tenon repair
  15. pipe smoking tips & tricks
  16. pipe smokers' proverbs
  17. the legasov tapes
  18. my silly old blog